I've lived in and around Sheffield a good few years now, and so am quite accustomed to Meadowhall, and the locals fond nickname for it, Meadowhell. This is because it can be a hellish experience, from finding a parking space, making your way past the crowds in the malls, the struggle to buy food and find a seat to eat it in, and the general feeling of despair that consumes you until you're safely on your way home on the M1.

But, my fellow blog readers, I have found a new shopping hell, the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds. Quite simply, this was the most hellish shopping experience I've had. Busy doesn't describe it. I think our first mistake was to go there after visiting my grandparents, which meant it was Saturday afternoon. Secondly, it was raining, so everyone was heading indoors, and finally, and I think this might be the nail in the coffin, Meadowhall was closed due to the flooding, so those looking for indoor retail therapy had to travel here. Oh, and Debenhams had an extra 10% off sale price thing going on, which didn't help. Plus it was full of people from Leeds ;o)

Seriously though, who designed those car parks? It was full for a start, but cleverly the exit queue (yes, you had to queue to exit) clogged up the very roads used to drive around the car park, madness. I could go on but I think you get the picture, it was a relief to get out of there. The up-shot, I'll appreciate Meadowhall a bit more (just a bit mind!)