In a widely anticipated move Chris Riley, the genius behind, today announced cookies from will 'auto delete'. This follows on from the story reported by the BBC News website that Google cookies will 'auto delete'.

Speaking from his home in South Yorkshire, England, Riley said “Seeing Google implementing 'auto deleting' cookies inspired me to do the same, so I did. I had to do nothing!”

The question on everyones lips now is, will Tony Ruscoe follow suit and make cookies 'auto delete'? Only time will tell, but with innovation like this constantly coming from Google one has to wonder what they will come up with next!

This is, of course, a piss take because all cookies auto delete when they hit their expiry date. The BBC obviously have incompetent technology reporters, because anyone who knew anything about the web would know cookies expire and get deleted automatically, and have done forever. What the BBC headline does instead is to make it sound like Google have invented auto deleting cookies, the muppets. I have written to the BBC to point this out to them and have suggested a better headline might read “Google cookies to expire after 2 years”, as that was actually the point of the news story, not that cookies will delete themselves. Honestly...