Patriot Games is one of those films that has managed to pass me by, despite knowing it is meant to be pretty good I've just never managed to see it. In fact I knew nothing about it, until now! A few weeks ago Film Four had it on so I taped it and tonight I've had the time to watch it.

I've got to say, it wasn't what I was expecting, but a good film none the less. The whole fact it was set against the backdrop of the UK and the war with the IRA was surprise number 1, and that there were so many British actors in it is as well. Obviously it looked a little dated (made in 1992) but it still delivered a few thrills. I didn't realise it was adapted from a Tom Clancy novel either. The fact it was set against the backdrop of the IRA made me think about how things haven't changed much, we're just fighting Muslim extremism now instead.

Anyway enough of the philosophical stuff, have you seen Patriot Games, and if so what are your thoughts, good or bad film?