Last Thursday was my sister's wedding, so she is no longer a Riley, but instead an Evans! It was a grand do, held at Best Western Waterton Park Hotel, just outside Wakefield. The location was stunning, the hotel is set on an island in a lake, and Alison looked amazing. Adi, of course, scrubbed up well, and the ceremony went without a hitch.

The weather was fantastic, sunny but not too hot, and so the photos were all outside. Then we had the speeches before the meal. Both Dad's and Adi's were fine, and the best man's was a little risk√© - he started off saying he'd “tried the speech out at his nan's nursing home, he thought it went down well because they all pissed themselves!” Second was a classic, “I hope Ali and Adi enjoy their honeymoon in Wales, at least I think that is where they are going because when I asked what he is doing after the wedding he said I'm going to Bangor for a week!” Genius, it raised a few eyebrows and got plenty of laughs!

The meal was really good, melon, tomato and basil soup, a good sized portion of beef and veg, and a puff pasty heart filled with raspberry mousse, delicious. Then finally it was the evening do, and I drank and danced my little heart out with Alison, especially towards the end with some classic trance tunes been hammered out by the DJ, and he only had a bloody laser light, excellent!

All in all a fantastic day, the both of them looked really happy, and Dawn and I wish them all the best for the future, congratulations sis! Our photos of the day can be seen here.