Well today was Dawn's 20 week scan (at 19wks and 5 days) and I am pleased to report that baby Riley is fine, with 10 fingers and toes, a healthy heart and legs and arms and everything, but no more scans now, boo! And yes, we know the sex, and whilst the sonographer warned us that is was a best guess and she can't be 100% sure, she thinks it will be a little girl!

Imagine that, we're going to have a daughter. One amusing anecdote I've heard about having a daughter already is “if you have a son you only have one boy to worry about, if you have a daughter you have all the boys to worry about!” That made me chuckle.

In other news I've been feeling the baby kick for the last week or two now, that is a bit weird and wonderful, and Dawn feels it moving all the time! Anyway we've been told from now to the baby being born will fly by, and it is the time to start buying things, so any donations welcome ;o) And don't forget, it could still be a boy, so don't go mad on pink things!