We've been having a good clear out today because our loft, frankly, was far to full of crap. It also means we can refill it with crap from around the house, so that we can fit baby stuff into the house. Part of a master plan, if you will.

We managed to throw out at least 4 bin bags of stuff, and the amount of cardboard was ridiculous. If you imagine a load of boxes folded flat and stacked, and then realise that stack is pretty much a foot in height, that equates to a load of boxes, believe me. We also ditched a monitor, stereo, kettle and toaster that didn't work and had been hoarding for no good reason. It really was quite therapeutic.

Anyway, as well as things to throw out, there is a good amount of stuff to sell as well, and this is where I need your help blog fans. We're after a decent car boot sale, either in Barnsley or Sheffield, where we can sell our wears. I've already found details about the one behind Hotel Bristol in Sheffield on a Sunday, and the one in the market place in Barnsley on a Sunday, has anyone been to these sales, what are they like, which do you think is the better? And if you want to buy some crap off us let me know and I'll tell you what we've got ;o) (Although we still have the understairs cupboard and sideboard to clear out, so that list may grow yet.)

So to conclude, having a clear out is good for you, and I need help with car boot sales!