Friday evening saw Dawn and I go out for a well deserved meal, because quite frankly we're great. The only problem is that round our way (in Wombwell) there is very little in the way of decent food outlets. Sure we have the odd pub (Wetherspoons, Brewers Fayre) but for a decent restaurant meal, we really struggle. More often than not we head to trusty Sheffield. Well no more, for a culinary delight has opened in the village 5 minutes down the road from us in Wath Upon Dearne. Fahrenheit Food, it has to be said, seems a little out of place, but what the hell, it is about time a decent restaurant opened up. Going off their website you can see this place is decorated very nicely. And ringing up on a Wednesday to book a table for the Saturday was suitably hard that we had to take a table on Friday at 9pm, so it is obviously a popular spot.

So, what was it actually like? Well, as you may have gathered by now, very nice. After being shown to our table (with sumptuous leather seats) we ordered and awaited our food. First came a “compliments of the chef” slow roasted fig with parma ham which was certainly something I wouldn't have tried normally. I have to say I didn't mind it too much, Dawn wasn't so keen on it. Then came our starters, the spiced chicken and pine nut salad with lardons, Ciabatta crutons and a balsamic reduction. That was delicious and both Dawn and I ate it all up, I'm hungry just writing about it again. Next, to cleanse our palates, we had an intermediate course. On the night it was a choice between mushroom soup and green apple sorbet. We both had the sorbet and found it to be very good. And finally our mains, Dawn had ordered the Duck with red cabbage and a strawberry and black peppercorn sauce. She really enjoyed that and seemed very happy with it. I had the steak, and whilst not disappointed I thought the fact it had been griddle cooked meant there was too much of a burnt taste at times, but that could have been down to old oil since we were a late sitting. But despite this I polished it all off and was replete.

The three courses are a set price of £27 each, with desserts extra, which I think isn't bad value for money, and the drinks were reasonably priced. I had a lovely Chardonnay and double expresso to finish things off, and Dawn had a white grape drink and hot chocolate. All in all we are very happy to have found a decent restaurant 5 minutes from our house, so friends and relatives beware, your next visit to us could end up there!