Despite all its Internet hype I never did watch Snakes on a Plane when it was released in the cinema, we just never got around to it. Well this weekend we bought it after seeing Samuel L. Jackson on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross mentioning it and we watched it Saturday night.

Well, obviously I was expecting some motherf**king snakes on a motherf**king plane, and that's what I got. I also got quite a good film. You can tell people have contributed to the production of this film, things like where the snakes decide to bite to make their initial kills in the film, one right on a sexy woman's nipple, the other on a guy's penis whilst he takes a piss, another snake pleasures a lady sleeping in her chair etc, but above all that it keeps the tension running, and actually has a plot line to it. All in all a right good comical thriller in my eyes. If you haven't already given it a watch then do, if nothing else it passes the time compared to the drivel that is Saturday night TV at the moment ;o)