Well, I'm now in a fit state to start reviewing the gig I went to last night. It was on a school night, but luckily I'm on holiday this week so I could recover from my lightweight credentials safely at home! But enough about me....

So in case you haven't guessed from the title I went to watch Editors at Sheffield Uni last night, and they rocked! Admittedly and rather sadly this was pretty much my first gig watching a decent band. I've been to gigs, but normally the band have been crap, or I've been working so I wasn't really a punter. So the upshot is I have little experience to draw upon for this review, but I'll give it a good go.

It was busy so that was good news, because that means they must be good ;o) Generally in the past I've not gone to gigs because I've always thought live music sounds a bit rubbish. I know now that is wrong, and that it was because the bands were rubbish! I know this because Editors were great, in tune, and very competent. Whilst the lead singer's voice undoubtedly is unique, I felt the lead guitarist really adds that Editors sound.

The set was a good mix, made up of the popular upbeat singles from their current and first album, with a few of the slower ones peppered in between. There was a good flow, and the encore was great, really ending the night on a high.

I'm a fan of Editors, as you can probably tell, so it is no surprise I enjoyed this gig. But coming up is the Pigeon Detectives, and I'm really looking forward to that one as they are really energetic, I might even attempt a mosh!

Reading back through this it isn't the best review I've written but what the hell, they can only get better! (Goes to Tony's blog for a few pointers...)