I thought I'd just give you a quick update on things here in the Riley household. This weekend has seen us finally make a start on decorating the nursery after several weekends of clearing out junk. All we've done is put a coat of white paint on the walls to hide the current peach colour, but it's a start!

I also watched the rugby on Saturday, what a fantastic match. We had all the power in the pack, and had a great game, so bye bye Australia, until next time losers! One thing is for sure, the next time we play Australia it will be a cracking game.

Sunday we took it easy, starting off with a nice relaxing walk along Rivelin valley. It is the first time we've been down there since the floods, and there is some definite evidence of it in the form of piles of rocks at various points down the river. It is still a very enjoyable stroll.

We also finally managed to hear the baby's heartbeat on our home heartbeat monitor (borrowed from the neighbours) today. That was very exciting and reassuring, even though since she moves about so much anyway!

Finally as I sit here and type this I'm watching the X Factor waiting for Top Gear to start, so I'd just like to say I think the group Hope will win it this year.