Like all workplaces we have a kitchen where we can prepare food, make drinks etc, and so we have the usual stuff, kettle, fridge, microwave and toaster. And like all workplaces we have various signs to help keeps things in order. The only thing is things have got a little out of hand now. We now have a sign over the toaster that reads “Please do not put cheese in the toaster.” Yep some idiot has tried to make a cheese toasty in the toaster. Obviously it broke the toaster, so work got a new one. The amazing thing is even with the sign someone has now tried to put cheese in it again, simply staggering!

Anyway this whole episode got me thinking, who would actually put cheese in a toaster? The answer, this guy would. Admittedly his blog is quite funny, but still what a fool.

I then turned to the ever faithful Yahoo Answers community, where I asked “Have you ever put cheese in a regular toaster?” Apart from some misunderstanding and thinking I had put the cheese in the toaster I got some good answers. This I a particular favourite.

Yes, I do this all the time. I never taste the cheese though. I think it melts and falls to the bottom of my toaster. I scrape it out once a month or so. I am lactose intolerant, so I fool myself into thinking that I am eating cheese, when I am really only having toast.

And finally I even found a song about it, although I don't know where to get a version to listen to. (If you find one let me know!)

So there you go, signs for the stupid at work. All we need now are some signs to tell them to not wipe their bogeys on the wall in the lads loo, and to wipe up their piss if they sprinkle!