Well, I've just got back from my second gig, the Pigeon Detectives. I'm still a bit tipsy, so this should be fun.

They were good, energetic, good songs, great front man.

Whilst I didn't attempt a full on mosh I did something like a mosh by bouncing up and down on the spot, so there was progress made :o) The amount of crowd surfing going on by “the faithful” was ludicrous, at least two or three people were surfing at any one time, mental!

The only downside - throwing beer. I just don't get it, what is the point, people either get covered in sticky wet beer, or get hit by a plastic glass, or worse get covered in piss. That just isn't pleasant. As I let my ears ring as I type I'm slowly starting to smell of stale beer. Not great, you muppets.

That aside a damn good gig - next I'd like to watch Muse, so if you see them coming to an arena near you soon let me know.