This BBC News story has annoyed me, Support for ad-tracking opt out. A bunch of privacy advocates are calling for a ad tracking opt out list to stop online advertisers tracking what you do online for the purposes of personalised advertising. They want advertisers “that place electronic cookies or tags on consumers' computers to register with the FTC all domain names of the servers involved in such activities, according to the groups”

I'm sorry, that is completely unworkable. The number of domains and servers involved in this kind of operation is going to be to many to track on some list. Even if they get the big boys to sign up to this it won't stop other smaller advertisers from doing this, and in case people haven't noticed the web is global, so any advertiser based in the US will simply move to a country that doesn't have this law and continue.

And have they actually considered what would happen if this did go ahead, suddenly there wouldn't be as many relevant adverts being show, less clicks equals less ad revenue, which means all these wonderful free services we have, supported by adverts, we suddenly have to pay for. Well thanks a bunch.

If you're so worried about your browsing habits being tracked that you want an ad opt out list then 1) what are you surfing for? ;o) and 2) disable (or prompt) cookies in your browser - it is the easiest and simplest solution to ad tracking!