I'm pleased to report that both Charlotte and Dawn are now home. They came home Sunday evening, hence it has taken me until Wednesday evening to update the blog!

Charlotte's jaundice is under control at the moment, although she still is a little yellow and may need further treatment if it doesn't clear up in the next few days. Dawn is doing well, and we're both just really really tired. Babies like to feed and poo during the night as well as the day. For some reason Charlotte likes to do particularly large poos during the night, which is nice! Otherwise we're really happy, things are starting to fall into a semi-routine, so once we start getting some decent periods of sleep normal blogging service will resume ;o)

Oh and whilst I'm here another big thanks to everyone who has sent us cards and gifts, we are really overwhelmed with everyone's generosity, thank you!

In other none baby news it was my birthday on Monday and I got amongst other things Guitar Hero III for Wii and Call of Duty 4 for PC - gaming heaven, shame I'm too tired to have the co-ordination to play either!