This Christmas I pulled the prefect present out of the bag for Mum and Dad, and so I thought I'd share my genius with you, my readers. Mum and Dad have got into walking lately, having joined a group that go on walks every few weeks. With this in mind I decided that one of those GPS thingys could be quite good. I wasn't so fussed about the navigation side of things, but more about tracking where they had been. Chris has got a Garmin GPS watch that he's used in the past when out running to track where he has been, distance and time etc. So, I started looking at those, but they turned out to be quite a bit over budget and had far too many features my Mum and Dad would never use. There were a few handheld GPS devices that were close to the budget I had in mind, but they didn't really have the functionality and connectivity I expected. Finally I found the Globalsat DG-100 GPS Data Logger on

This was exactly what I wanted, somthing that would just track where they had been, and allow them to get it onto the PC quickly and easily, and idiot proof to operate! A read of this review on GPS Passion and I decided to take the plunge and buy it, and all this without the hint of a suggestion from Mum and Dad, aren't I clever!

So, come Christmas day Mum and Dad opened it and were a bit stunned and confused! However, after a quick explanation they soon got it, and a few days later I got to show Dad how to use it. Whilst the software isn't the easiest for the beginner, a quick read of the manual gets you going. And so I'm pleased to report that Mum and Dad successfully took the tracker out on a walk the other day, downloaded the data, and uploaded it to As you can see the walk was 8.41 miles in length around the village of Womersley. So well done Mum and Dad, and well done me for getting a great present! Another thing, GPS Visualizer is great for all manner of GPS data formats so if you're into this kind of thing take a look.