I first blogged about last.fm back in April of 2006, and back then I was pretty taken with them, they offered a great service and are great for getting info on bands and music of all tastes. You were also able to listen to clips of tracks to get a feel for an artist.

Well today they have become the single best website on the Internet, and that is a bold statement. Now you can listen to the tracks in full, as explained here, streamed right there and then - music when you want it.

The power of this? Now when you hear a track by a band you can go and hear all of their other tracks straight away. Want to listen to a classic, go for it. No waiting for downloads, just instant gratification (and then of course you can buy the download/album if you want). Sheer music genius.

So now you all have no excuses when I tell you that The Wombats are a great band and you should listen to some of their tracks. I particularly recommend “Moving to New York” and “Let's Dance to Joy Division” as you'll have heard these on the radios.

Well done last.fm, you are truly AWESOME!