What do you do when you have a HDD camcorder with infrared recording, a tripod, a baby daughter and you're a geek? Why, make a time lapse recording of your daughter sleeping of course! This condenses a night with Charlotte into approx. 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Time lapse film of Charlotte sleeping from smuggyuk on Vimeo.

For the geeks out there wondering how I did this, firstly I've got a HDD camcorder so it can record up to 7.5 hrs in one go. So, setup on a tripod with the infrared recording on I could just leave it, switching it on and off with the remote as and when we had to take her out for feeds. Then once I'd got the video on the laptop I simply used the “Speed Up, Double” effect in Windows Movie Maker 5 times on each clip, nothing too fancy. This made the length of the whole film about 5 mins. Publish and upload to the web, job done!