I've started using del.icio.us, possibly badly timed given the whole Microsoft wanting to buy Yahoo thing, but I decided it was time I stopped being Web 1.0 when it came to my bookmarks. You see for a while now I've been finding links of interest, and either bookmarking them at work, or at home, or emailing the link to myself, or recently using Google Notebook (but I don't really like it) and then having visited the site have deleted the bookmark / email to stop cluttering up my browser / inbox. Well enough is enough, I want to keep track of these links, and share them, and have API access to them!

So, I've chosen del.icio.us to do this for me. I know there are a wealth of sites that do this, but I know of this one, I know it is used by my peers, and it has a great Firefox extension for easily bookmarking links. So if you want to see what I'm currently reading up on, checking out my recently bookmarked links is a good place to start. I've added the del.icio.us icon to my list of profiles in the top right of my blog, and in the next couple of days hope to use their JSON feed to pull in the top 5 bookmarks straight into my side nav so you can all share in the link based fun.

Link sharing
You may have also noticed those icons that have appeared under the number of comments for each blog post. (If not, try Ctrl+F5). Since I'm bookmarking sites I figured I'd make it easier for visitors to my site to bookmark my blog posts. I could have gone down the route of having loads of links to different sharing sites, but as that looks awful and is a bit overkill I've decided to limit it to just three carefully chosen ones instead.

So first off is del.icio.us, a no brainer really, I'm using them, I know a lot of other people use them, so it makes sense to have them. Secondly Facebook, because, well, it is Facebook! And thirdly StumbleUpon. I've chosen these guys for two main reasons, one the BBC use them on their news stories, and two because I seem to get quite a few referrals from them, more so than any other link sharing site, so it seems to make sense I should encourage their users.

And that's it, no more news here, go off and read someone else's blog....