As part of my New Year resolutions I decided to listen to more Podcasts. At the time I asked what were the essential podcasts to be subscribing to, and I got a few suggestions. Well, a month or so on I've now got my own subscription list I'm happy with, so I thought I'd share.

  • Russell Brand - Very entertaining if you like Russell Brand, highly recommended
  • Jonathon Ross - Entertaining, some good banter and the odd good guest.
  • Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's film reviews - The best podcast by far. I don't watch a lot of films, but Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo together make such amazing radio you don't need to.
  • Radio 4 News Quiz - Can be amusing, but it can be pretty obvious at times that they don't aim it at twenty-somethings, and you have to be able to stand Sandy Toksvig.
  • MoneyBox and MoneyBox Live - I'm a dad now, and I have a mortgage, pension, job, credit card, car, etc so keeping up to speed on money matters can actually be very interesting when consumed via MoneyBox. And MoneyBox Live you get as part of this podcast where listeners phone in can be both helpful and amusing. “I've got £20,000 of debt, should I take out a loan to help pay it off!” - they helpfully replied that might not be wise ;o)
  • Radio 1 Mini Mix - a short 5 minute mix broadcast on the radio on Friday nights available as a podcast, isn't always amazing, but sometimes you can unearth a real gem that is for keeps.
  • Radio 1 Dance Weekly - if you like a bit of dance music then this short podcast will help you keep down wi da kidz on the latest in dance, although it has a severe lack of music!
  • Best of Chris Moyles - I've put this last purely so Chris Hill didn't stop reading my blog post halfway through, but if you do like to listen to Chris Moyles in the morning then this is a good way to hear the odd bits you might have missed during the week. Can't say fairer than that!

If you're wondering I did also try out Russell Howard's podcast for a couple of weeks, but just couldn't get into it, so that got unsubscribed. And Ricky Gervais, from what I can tell you have to get that iTunes installed for his podcast, so bollocks to that.

So there you have it, a very BBC affair, but to be honest I haven't really found any other podcasts on the Internet that take my fancy. As usual comments welcome, and if you have any other podcast suggestions let me know.