I've not blogged for a while, I've not really had much to say, or the impetus to sit down and type out a blog post for a while, is this what being a dad does to you? Who knows - anyway on with the main topic.

We've been in our house for a few years now, and in all that time we've been using my Grandma's bag vacuum cleaner that we got when she moved out of her bungalow. We bought a cylinder as well at the time, but that has been rubbish. Anyway, with Charlotte now in our lives, and no doubt soon to be roaming around our floors, we thought we best get something that could actually clean them - enter the Dyson DC14 All Floors

What a machine! Not only does it look good as a beacon of functional design, but boy it can suck. As a test we vacuumed a section of carpet with the old hoover, then ran the Dyson over the same bit. The amount of crap it picked up that the old hoover had left behind was incredible, we've been living in filth! Anyway, that gave me the impetus (wow, second use of that word in one post, get me!) to go and do the rest of the carpet that very second. And so 10 minutes later I've done the living room and dining room and the Dyson is full. That is simply disgusting and staggeringly brilliant at the same time - well done Dyson. I shall look forward to dysoning every weekend from now on!

And if you clicked through to the Dyson website and saw the price (£259.99) don't worry, we bought it in Dixons Easter sale for £165.00, and you can currently get it at the time of writing for £192.00