1. War on Terror, the boardgame is officially on my Christmas list!

2. The new Indian Cricket Premier league kicks off tonight apparently. I say apparently as I've formed my entire opinion on this from odd bits of news reports. That said I think it sounds like a good thing, it is about time Cricket gets dragged into the modern world and gets a fresh audience. We made a good start with the 20/20 tournaments, and India seem to have just taken it to the next level. Why the ECB won't release English players to play in the league I don't know. Surely the money, training and regular play over there will improve their game at the national level? Well that's my theory anyway (although it hasn't worked for football has it!)

3. Hooters want to open in Sheffield. Some campaigner with nothing to campaign about has decided to protest about this, going on about exploitation. Bobbins, if the women want to work there then let them. It is their choice, they can read their contract before starting work there, and if they don't like it they can quit. End of, no exploitation that I can see. And the only reason you think it is sexist is because a version for women hasn't been opened - tell you what, I'll open a bar called “Todgers”. Who's sexist now? The only thing I do object to is the proposed location, Leopold Sq is not the place for it, somewhere up West St probably is.

4. We Ski - I've only seen a bit about this game, but from what I have seen I think I want it! And if we do get a Wii Balance Board then it will just add to it.

So that is the 4 things I wanted to say, you'll probably have some comments, so go on, leave them...