Again, apologies for the ongoing blog drought. What with Charlotte, work, Google Reader, Track Playing, Recipe Binder, and the Web Riddle, writing a blog post comes low down on the list. Anyway I bring Charlotte news.

For those we haven't seen for a while, I've been updating Flickr with a fair few pictures of Charlotte! Just some of our recent favourites are below, but she is certainly growing up fast.

Kevin and Charlotte DSC02718 DSC02721 Fiona and Charlotte DSC02753

Charlotte is already 9 months old, heading on for 10, and has her first tooth coming through (well spotted / felt Suzy!) It is just a white strip on her pink gum at the moment, but is slowly pushing through. She can also sit up and is starting to figure out how to move a little bit to grab things just outside of her reach, but she can't yet sit up from lying down, or crawl. However, stick her in her walker and she is away. Open any cupboard door in the kitchen, and she is there, looking over your shoulder!

Charlotte is also quite the keen swimmer, and has been going swimming with Dawn every week for a while now - so long in fact she already has her first “Little Fish“ certificate, so I'm a proud Dad! We've also got our first finger paint master piece, produced at the playgroup she goes to, and by all accounts she enjoys getting messy!

So there you have it, the latest Charlotte news. Next blog post in a months time....