I know I know, it has been quiet on here again. And again it is down to my new project Track Playing. I've been busy working on various updates. The most important one is I'm the first developer to do an integration with Radio Pop, the BBC Radio Labs prototype. Track Playing tells them what programmes you're listening to, and allows you to “Pop”

Other new features include:

  • interfaces for iPhone, mobile, Wii and iGoogle
  • a link to listen to the radio live on iPlayer
  • updates to how albums are displayed
  • links to buy from iTunes and 7digital
  • now and next information pulled from bbc.co.uk/programmes
  • when the track playing was last updated

Coming next are integrations with imified.com for an IM client, allowing you to track any Last.FM user, showing the previous artist information, and maybe, just maybe scrobbling to Last.FM

Enjoy all of the updates!